I didn’t have, anybody I could talk to.
So I took a pen and a paper for my feeling just to flow through
I had to pour ish out, so I could get some breathing room.
But nothing seems to help, coz a paper ayifani namuntu.

Have you ever had to deal, every day with rejection?
Outside looking pretty, but nobody’s noticing.
How you hurt, deep inside, but hiding behind that smile.
Acting strong gets you weaker but it never really shows.

What’s the point of voicing out, when you never get results?
What you get is “next time” or someone just took your place.
All you get is scary thoughts of your time that never comes.
You watch and they’re happy and you ask yourself do I exist?

Every day, all day, this pain you have to bear.
Talking about it all the time will ruin others happiness.
Would you rather keep to yourself, or you’d rather see who cares?
Would you rather keep it to yourself, or you’d rather see who cares?